Last update July 31, 2023
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Thank you for choosing DxO FilmPack. Praised by professionals for the faithfulness of its analog film renderings, DxO FilmPack lets photographers apply to their digital images all of the characteristics of the analog films that have made photo history, as well as numerous original renderings, filters, toning, and visual effects — all of which can be infinitely combined.

Support for RAW format

Now supporting RAW format, DxO FilmPack uses the calibrated data from your camera to apply analog presets with perfectly faithful colors. And as it is based on all of DxO’s RAW processing know-how, DxO FilmPack automatically corrects — without any intervention on your part — all of your equipment’s possible optical flaws: distortion, vignetting, and chromatic aberrations, all while efficiently reducing the undesirable digital noise in your images.

More than 80 high-fidelity analog film renderings

DxO FilmPack preset renderings are created in DxO’s laboratories using an exclusive scientific process of exhaustively profiling each film. This process is based on a series of shots of specially-calibrated targets and as well as real-life subjects taken with the film being profiled. The film is then developed by the world’s most reputable processing laboratories, notably PICTO and Arka Lab in France, and Duggal in the United States, and is then subjected to high-resolution digitization in order to measure the film response and to extract the grain matrices. This process has allowed DxO to perfectly reproduce high-fidelity rendering of the characteristic appearance, colors, and grains of 83 legendary films — color negatives, black & white, slide, and instant snapshots.

Fuji and cinema digital renderings

DxO FilmPack also offers you such preset renderings as the digital simulations of certain analog films available on Fuji cameras, as well as the possibility of giving a cinematic aspect to your images.

Ergonomic interface

Process your images even more easily, thanks to DxO FilmPack’s new interface — even more simple and intuitive! Use the integrated file browser to choose your work directory and instantly see all the images it contains. Quickly access all presets, effects, and settings grouped together in the unique lateral control panel. Select the style that best matches your taste: analog film, cinematic, or designer, color or black & white, with or without a toning effect or a frame — the combinations are infinite! Click on a thumbnail: the processing is applied immediately.

Designer presets: a touch of madness for your images

DxO FilmPack provides you with many original creative presets: up to 39 color and black & white Designer presets are available. Vintage effects, aged photos, improbable tints: give a unique style to your photos. With the Poetic preset, recreate the warm tones and past colors of an old American series. With Red tone, warm up the colors to capture the evening light. Use Photo 1900 to reproduce all the sweetness of sepia enhanced with a fine grain.

Original effects: highlight your photos

Easily apply a large number of effects to your images with settings that are accessible in one click. With the Textures tool, choose among a wide variety of textures – scratches, stains, grains, or wrinkled papers – to give a vintage aspect to your photos. Fine-tune the intensity and the orientation of your effect and then use DxO FilmPack’s intuitive controls to apply it to a toning. Using the Light leak palette, simulate the accidental exposure to light of a film cartridge, and reproduce the areas of overexposure or color saturation on the edges of the image.

Select the type of effect you want to apply, its orientation, its intensity, and change its position as you wish. DxO FilmPack offers some 20 frames – passe-partout, darkroom, slide, instant, film, glass, or old paper. Define their placement – inside or outside of the image – and their thickness, to show off your photos.

Plugin and standalone application

You can use DxO FilmPack both as a standalone application and as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Lightroom Classic, and DxO PhotoLab.

In standalone application mode or as a plugin for DxO PhotoLab, you can directly process your TIFF, JPEG, and RAW images in just a few clicks. In plugin mode, you can follow your regular processing workflow while enriching your Adobe solutions.