Last updated on March 3, 2024
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Working with Batch Queuing

DxO PureRAW has a queuing system that lets you efficiently manage image processing by batches. This function is primarily aimed at photographers with a demandingly high throughput. The queuing system lets you add, manage and remove batches of images.

Add to Queue

To add a batch of images to the queue:

  1. Add images to the Lightbox.
  2. In the bottom right-hand corner, click on the Process or the Process with Preview button, depending on your workflow.
  3. Depending on your choice in step 2, the image processing options dialog or the Preview window is displayed. Choose your processing options.
  4. Click Add to Queue.
  5. DxO PureRAW switches back to the Lightbox with a progress bar displayed at the bottom of the screen. Queued thumbnails are indicated by a Waiting for processing icon, but processing is paused so you can add another batch of images. You can have a look to the queue by clicking the Show Queue button, in the bottom left corner.
  6. To add photos*, click Add photos to the Lightbox.
  7. New images displayed in the Lightbox are selected by default.
  8. Repeat steps 2 to 5 for each batch of images you want to process.
  9. Repeat for each batch of images you want to process.
Add a first batch of images to the queue
Choose your processing options
Add a 2nd batch to the queue
Select processing options for the 2nd batch
The Queue, showing 2 batches of images, one collapsed


Pause Queue

To check and reorder the queue, click the Show Queue button in the bottom left-hand corner. Images are presented in a list with each showing:

  1. A waiting to process icon.
  2. A thumbnail
  3. The name of the original file.
  4. The path to the destination folder.
  5. The name of the destination file.
  6. An X button to remove the image from the queue.

Each batch can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the chevron next to the batch number. You can reorder the images in the batch by simply dragging-and-dropping them. You can also move an image, or group of images, from one batch to another, but you cannot move or swap whole batches.

Drag and drop to change order

To select multiple images within a batch, hold down Ctrl (PC)/Cmd (Mac). To select a continuous series of images, click on the first and then hold down the Shift key and click on the last one.

Right-clicking on an image or image selection opens a context menu that lets you do the following:

  1. Process next.
  2. Process Last (end of queue).
  3. Remove from Queue.
  4. Select all: selects all the images in the queue.
  5. Deselect all: unselects all images in the queue.
  6. Show in Finder (Mac)/Show in Explorer (Windows): Displays the selected images’ location in the system file explorer.
Queue context menu

To remove images or batches from the queue:

Start the processing queue

Image batch processing starts when you click the play button in the bottom toolbar, at the end of the progress bar. You can keep the queue interface displayed to track progress. You can pause and restart it at any time by clicking on the button at the end of the progress bar.

If you want to cancel processing, click the Cancel all batches button to the right of the progress bar. Each image being processed also displays a progress bar, and an X button lets you stop processing.

You can still track processing progress in the Lightbox even if you have clicked on the Hide Queue button in the bottom left. You can also follow the processing process with the Widget in the menu bar (Mac) or in the task bar (PC).

Button to launch processing of the queue
Processing progress in the queue
End of queued batch processing

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