Last updated on September 25, 2022
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In the standalone version of DxO ViewPoint, File > Save will overwrite the original file. File > Save As creates a new file.

In the plugin version, the Save button behaves in the same way as the File > Save command and so overwrites the original file with the corrected version.


The Preferences dialog box lets you change a number of settings:

Keyboard shortcuts

CommandWindows OS X
Fit display to screen F3 Cmd + 0
Zoom to 100 % F4 Cmd + 1
Zoom in Ctrl + + Cmd + +
Zoom out Ctrl + – Cmd + –
Hand tool H or Spacebar H or Spacebar
Crop tool C C
Navigate between images Right and left arrows Right and left arrows
Rotate the image left Ctrl + L Cmd + L
Rotate the image right Ctrl + R Cmd + R
Show/hide grid overlay G G
Move anchor points Arrows Arrows
Toggle between anchor points Tab Tab
Move the cropping area Arrows Arrows
Open Ctrl + O Cmd + O
Save As Ctrl + S Cmd + S
Quit Alt + F4 Cmd + Q
Cancel Ctrl + Z Cmd + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y Cmd + Shift + Z
Preferences Ctrl + Shift + P Cmd + ,
Show image before and after correction Ctrl + D Cmd + D
Full Screen F F
Exit full screen mode F ou Esc F ou Esc
Show/Hide controls F9 Tab
Online help F1 Cmd + /

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